Rörstrand – a matter of taste since 1726

For almost 300 years Rörstrand has been synonymous with quality and fine craftsmanship. Our plates and tableware have been handed down from generation to generation and become heirlooms, classics and collectors’ items that have written themselves into Swedish design history. Perhaps this is because we have always understood that quality goes beyond mere durability and functionality.


Throughout our long history, the ambition to focus on the ever-changing and highly personal value that is defined as taste has formed the cornerstone of the Rörstrand brand. Working closely with Sweden’s leading designers, we have captured the essence of good taste and preserved it in the form of beautiful everyday items of porcelain. Some have aged better than others. Some have passed their best after a season or two. Others – never out of style – have retained what seems to be a timeless appeal. When we look back over our design history, we can see that every age has its taste.
Which will you choose and make your very own?
It’s a matter of taste.